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Add the Anaconda command shell to Windows Terminal

I've switched wholesale to Windows Terminal - for all shells: - Powershell, command shell, Azure shell, WSL shell and Anaconda shell. Some of these shells were automatically to Windows Terminal (WSL and Azure), but I had to manually add the Anaconda shell. 

To add the Anaconda shell, add this section to 'lists' in the Windows Terminal settings (profile.json):

{"guid": "{e8205cf1-cca9-4a70-8ba6zbab1e0d4be0d}",
"name": "Anaconda",
"commandline": "%windir%\\system32\\cmd.exe \"/K\" %userprofile%\\Anaconda3\\Scripts\\activate.bat",
"startingDirectory" : 
"hidden": false

Assumption: The Anaconda folder is in your %userprofile% folder (e.g. c:\users\your-user-name\). If it isn't, update the "commandline" value with the correct path for Anaconda.