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Customizing short-cuts for Windows Terminal

By default, Windows Terminal doesn't have any default key-board short-cuts for dealing with tabs (creating a new tab, closing a tab, switching between tabs). However, you can create custom short-cuts fairly easily. Ther'es a "keybindings" section (towards the end of the file) where you can define your custom keybinding.

Here's the code snippet from my profiles.json file for the the custom short-cuts: 

    // Add any keybinding overrides to this array.
    // To unbind a default keybinding, set the command to "unbound"
    "keybindings": [{ 
        "command": "closeTab",
        "keys": "ctrl+W"
        "command": "newTab",
        "keys": "ctrl+T"
        "command":  "nextTab",
        "keys":  "ctrl+tab"
        "command":  "prevTab",
        "keys": "ctrl+shift+tab"
        "command": "paste",
        "keys": "ctrl+V"

You can find the complete list of supported short-cut actions in the schema definition for profiles.json here: https://aka.ms/terminal-profiles-schema.