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Read aloud in Edge

Sometimes I come across articles on the Internet that I would also like to listen to - especially when I'm in the mood to multi-task (say while cooking or tidying up). I've been using the 'Read aloud' feature in the Edge browser quite a bit. I find that it works well. Surprizingly, I don't find the speech too monotonous or impersonal - the speech seems eminiently listenable. 

Here's how to use the Read Aloud feature. 

Step 1: When you're on a web page that you'd like to have read aloud, click on the "Enter immersive reader" icon (book with a speaker) in the browser's URL bar.

Step 2: In the immersive reader page, click on the Read-Aloud button in the toolbar below the URL bar.

The feature ships with a number of different voices. Some of them are in different accents. I find the default ("Arial") voice works pretty well. I also switch to "Zia", "Libby", "Guy" and "Hayley" voices occassionally.